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Archway Studios
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  • Exhibition Closing July 12, 5-8 p.m.

    Dog Sweat 
    Anthony Park Kascak

    Responsibly caring for a dog requires a lot of time, effort, and resources. Dogs cannot speak to us directly (no matter how hard we wish or believe) and express themselves through body language, facial expressions, and other behaviors such as panting. A dog will pant if they are too hot, to express contentment, or if they are in pain. As owners, we slowly learn how to decipher this language of care and how to navigate our companion's needs. For the past three years our stinky-mutt Bonzu has been my obsession and muse— guiding me to reorient myself within the world as well as reevaluate how I look after another living being. Dog Sweat is an homage to this relationship, combining aspects of our co-dependency with my research into historical Korean ceramic vessels, shiny metal clay, world-building, fortune-telling cards, and humor. Not all of the dog sculptures in the exhibition are Bonzu, but they use the form of dogs to express themes of empathy, humor, and storytelling. 


The Studios 

Located in the UNI Place Creative District at the intersection of 48th and Saint Paul. Constructed in 1908 to be a bank, the building was later converted to a shop, florist, record label, and then law offices. Today, the building is beginning its next chapter as a space for artists. In total, there are twelve studio spaces - nine private studios and three semi-private studios. 

Private studios range from $300 to $650 per month. 
Semi-private studios range from $250-$300 per month.
​Dedicated desks in shared spaces are $175 per month. 
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Amenities & Terms 

  • Free onsite parking 
  • All utilities and internet included in monthly rent
  • High-speed Allo internet with firewall
  • Mailing address and mailbox
  • Utility sinks on each floor
  • Kitchenette
  • Recycling and trash service 
  • Additional amenities will be considered with artist input 
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  • 24/7 secured access to building
  • Automated and online rent payments 
  • Minimum 6 month lease
  • 1 month damage deposit required
  • Both individual and shared / joint leases allowed 
  • Most space alterations allowed with approval 
  • No living or overnight stays in studios
  • Tame, quiet pets allowed to visit

Owned and operated by Lindsey Clausen

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Virtual Studios

Do you have a home studio or online creative business? Rent a private mailbox at Archway Studios.

  • $15/month, letters only

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Archway Studios
4805 Saint Paul Ave. 
Lincoln, NE 68504